About Us

Nicky’s Grill in Beverly sits on top of the hill at 103rd Street and Western Avenue, the highest point in the city of Chicago! Another fun fact: Western Avenue is the longest street in the state of Illinois. Doesn’t have anything to do with how tasty our food is, but we like our unique spot!

Family Owned & Operated

For the past 20+ years, Nicky’s has been proudly owned by Paul Kostopanagiotou, one of the friendly faces you see at the counter. Paul is a second-generation restaurateur. His dad operated one of the original Nicky’s on the city’s Southwest side for more than 30 years.

Focus on Fresh Food & Friendly Service

Nicky’s is known for its high quality food and its welcoming atmosphere—two things you can’t count on at most fast food restaurants. Fresh produce is delivered daily. And Nicky’s prep team can be seen chopping tomatoes or trimming fresh chicken breasts every morning. Nicky’s proudly serves Vienna Beef hot dogs, certified Angus beef patties, and Beyond Meat products for our vegetarian/vegan customers. Everything is cooked to order on site, right in front of you.

Being professional and courteous to all our customers is very important to us at Nicky’s. We want you to enjoy the service as much as you do the food!

Neighborhood Roots & Relationships

Nicky’s is a destination for local families and neighbors. During the summer and after school, “Meet you at Nicky’s!” is a common refrain for friends who gather to enjoy frozen treats or freshly made snacks.

We’re also a popular take-out spot for local business people, city workers, construction crews, teachers, and health care professionals. We know many of our customers by name and are grateful that they continue to choose Nicky’s for lunch or dinner.

Commitment to Community

Beverly has been extremely supportive of Nicky’s over the years, and we believe in giving back. You’ll see our commitment to the neighborhood in our promotions, like free treats to parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We also regularly support local schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations.

Have You Been to Nicky’s Lately?

Our dining room has a fresh look, and our menu does, too. We brought Colombo Frozen Yogurt back in 2018, and we’ve added some delicious vegetarian items to our menu. If you haven’t stopped in lately, come visit us soon!

Nicky's Grill has two extreme strong points: 1. Great customer service. It doesn't matter if it’s a phone order or walk-in. The staff is always nice, helpful with your questions (no matter how many u shoot at them) and most of all, patient. 2. The food is done RIGHT. The ultimate place for a great old school Gyro and even the Chicken Gyro the way it’s supposed to be, right off the pole. I've tried almost every meal they have, and I've enjoyed them all.

M. Roc P.